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本文摘要:为展出院校教育教学成效,推动家校合作及家长对院校办学特色、课程内容、办校特点的掌握和重视,勾起老师学生通过自学激情,构建现代化通过自学气氛,合肥市常春藤实验中学订于今年一月13日(星期日)举办今年的第一次家长参观主题活动,邀请您参加!In order to show the achievements of our school, strengthen ties with parents,enhance parents’ understanding and recogniti



为展出院校教育教学成效,推动家校合作及家长对院校办学特色、课程内容、办校特点的掌握和重视,勾起老师学生通过自学激情,构建现代化通过自学气氛,合肥市常春藤实验中学订于今年一月13日(星期日)举办今年的第一次家长参观主题活动,邀请您参加!In order to show the achievements of our school, strengthen ties with parents,enhance parents’ understanding and recognition of the school's concept, curriculum and characteristics, stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers and students, and create an international learning atmosphere, Hefei Ivy Experimental School is scheduled to hold the first Parent Open Day in 2019 on Sunday, January 13, 2019. You are cordially invited to attend!合肥市常春藤实验中学 双语教学部Hefei IVY Experimental Academy Bilingual Dept.2019.1.7合肥市常春藤实验中学欢迎你Welcome to Hefei IVY Experimental Academy主题活动决策|Event Schedule一、活动的具体时间:一月13日 中午:13:00-17:00Event hours:January 13 pm: 13:00-17:00二、主题活动地址:教学区班集体和教学区作用馆Event Locations:Classrooms and function Pavilion三、活动的具体时间步骤:Schedule of activities1、13:00-13:20 家长进场,发送给宣传页,结账。Parents enter, collect flyer pages, check in2、13:20-13:50 校领导与您共享资源Headmaster to share with you3、课程内容感受Audition Course①14:00-14:20 第一节展出课Ppresentation course Section I②14:30-14:50 第二节展出课Presentation course Section II4、15:00-17:00 带领家长参观考察校园内,进行涉及到答疑解惑Lead parents to visit the campus for questions and answers课程内容决策|Course Schedule柔术馆|Fencing Hall▲攀岩墙|Climbing Wall▼参观考察线路|Tour route综合楼8楼会议厅(答疑会)→综合楼2、3、4楼课室(家长入课堂教学)→综合楼6楼美术画室→综合楼9楼柔术馆→综合楼10楼音乐馆→综合楼1楼公共图书馆→饭堂→体育馆→体育馆胜一游泳馆→作用展览馆Conference Room (briefing), 8/F, general building → classrooms on 2, 3 and 4 floors of the complex building (parents entering the classroom) → 6/F, comprehensive building, studio → Building 9/F Fencing Hall → complex building 10/F library → Building 1/F-General building, sports Centre → Stadium公共图书馆|Library主题活动目地|Purpose of the event带领您让他走出学校,了解院校的办校与发展趋势,令其您亲自感受现代化现代美式小班课程的教学气氛,帮助家长随意选择走向未来的高档教育信息化,整体规划小孩有所作为的幸福人生。We will lead you into the campus, let you know the school's running and development. You can personally experience the atmosphere of the international American small class. We will also help you choose a high-end basic education, and plan your children's happy life in the future.❖大家等你回来❖We'll be here waiting for you.。